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Q&A with Burgermeister Franchisee Max Beutler

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What started under the subway rails at Schlesisches Tor, has now grown into 9 locations (soon to be 10!) offering the delicious burgers made with top quality ingredients that people love so much. Here we talk a little with Burgermeister Franchisee Max Beutler, part of the team that brought you our newest location in Warschauer Straße.

How did you become a Burgermeister Franchisee and why did you choose Burgermeister?

The first professional contact with Burgermeister we got through Felix and Oren, the two were the first franchisees and operate with us the Warschauer Str. and also the location at Eberswalder Straße. Of course, Burgermeister was known to us before, because the brand is already an inherent part of Berlin and it is impossible to imagine Berlin without it, also for this reason we have chosen Burgermeister. We can identify with the brand and stand 100% behind the quality that Burgermeister stands for. In addition, it is an up-coming company that has big plans, and we want to be part of it.

What sets apart the Burgermeister Warschauer location?

Our location on Warschauer Str. is particularly characterized by its size and the many seating options indoors. Not least because of this, this location will certainly become an insider tip among the branches when it gets colder outside. In addition, we have an extra “Uber PickUp Window”, where the drivers can pick up the orders quickly and easily, this also benefits the in-house business and the in-house customers do not really get in touch with the delivery business.

What has been your experience so far running a Burgermeister franchise? Any funny stories to share?

The long opening hours are challenging, but much more they are an opportunity from a business perspective. When most restaurants close, the night business really starts for us and the stories you experience then are never boring. From customers on the spot betting to be able to eat 5 Fleischermeister (double patty, double cheese…) in a row or delivery orders of just one cookie because they are so good – EVERYTHING is there.

But what we particularly like and what is important to us is that we can give people a professional chance here who have often not had it easy in life and can work towards a better future with us. If you are diligent and work hard, you can achieve a lot at Burgermeister.

Finally, any advice for anyone considering investing in the Burgermeister franchise?

Our tip for future franchisees: Have stamina, it pays off. For us, too, there were many hurdles we had to overcome from the idea to the opening of our first store, and even now we are always facing new challenges, but at the end of the day, the hard work pays off.

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