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Straight from the vibrant streets of Berlin’s Kreuzberg, Burgermeister® is more than just burgers. Born beneath subway tracks in a historic 1895 public restroom, our brand offers a distinct blend of culture, flavor, and style. The world is vast and eager for the genuine Burgermeister® experience.

In the food game and made a mark? We take notice. As we expand our footprint, we’re on the hunt for partners aligned with our ethos. We’re extending opportunities to partners & owner operators, primarily from our esteemed ranks. Moreover, we are offering Franchise opportunities to individuals that identify themselves with the Brand and spirit, are willing to take on their first location as a partner with Burgermeister and earn the right for future franchise opportunities on their own as expected by Burgermeister.

Intrigued? We’re eager to connect.

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The Burgermeister® Franchise:



Burger Joint: 350,000€ +
Restaurant: > 650,000€ –
3 Million €

350,000€ – 5 Million €

€ 35,000



Pooled together & used by all locations.


10 Locations

5 Franchise Partners

More in the making

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The key to a successful Burgermeister® business lies in the people who lead Burgermeister® into the new areas outside of Berlin. Therefore, we devote a lot of attention to attracting and selecting partners whose personal and professional qualities will make sure that the proven Burgermeister® system and Kreuzberg style are implemented well.

Rather than looking for pure investment partners, Burgermeister® places great importance on building partnerships strengthened by the expertise and special knowledge of both franchisor and franchisee.

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A business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Burgermeister® offers a successful, proven growth concept, which promises great chances for success when implemented systematically.

The franchisee brings his entrepreneurial skills, his knowledge of the local business and cultural climate, his personal network and contacts, and last but not least his personality, all of which are essential to ensuring success of the franchise in their territory.

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Our Burgermeister® Franchise Partners


Felix & Oren

How did you become a Burgermeister® Franchisee and why did you choose Burgermeister®?

We both have been working together for over 10 years and have run different types of businesses, from real estate to retail.

One of our entrepreneurial activities was the operation of a bar. Contact with one of the franchisors was made in this very bar and the foundation for the first branch was laid there.

Our love story with Burgermeister® already began shortly after the first, legendary location at Schlesi opened. There we realized that this is by far the best burger in Berlin.

Already at that time, the dream of having our own Burgermeister® arose. This has finally become a reality. The freshness of the products, the perfect combination of all ingredients, the attention to detail and, above all, to the customer, inspire us day in and day out.

We feel honored anew every day to be part of this family.

Knut & Jörg

How did you become a Burgermeister® Franchisee and why did you choose Burgermeister®?

Lucky coincidence played a major role here! On a vacation trip, an encounter between one of us and a member of Burgermeister®‘s management took place. Among other things, we talked about a possible licensing and short time later, the idea of a franchise license was implemented.

Our own partnership as today’s managing director of Burgermeister® at Potsdamer Platz 1 also came about through a chance encounter on Usedom. Since we got along very well as business partners with a lot of experience in other industries, the idea of a joint business was born.

Burgermeister® as a strong, local brand immediately impressed us! Burgermeister® is a young, dynamic company that has secured a permanent place at the top of the Berlin burger rankings in just a few years. It is not only the cool appearance of the shops that is convincing here, but also the excellent product for which so many people like to queue up every day. Burgermeister® has a lot of potential, is constantly developing and especially the visions for the future and the prospect of being able to develop further in a good partnership is simply a lot of fun!


We’re always looking for new Burgermeister® locations

We’re constantly looking for new locations in the best locations. If you have a prospect, we look forward to hearing from you.

Location Requirements

Would you like to join Burgermeister® as an Investor?

As we are expanding quickly, we may offer the possibility to invest into the Burgermeister® Brand.

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