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Burgermeister and Uber Eats are expanding their exclusive partnership

  • Partnership exceeds expectations and will be further intensified
  • Germany-wide expansion and further locations abroad planned

Berlin, October 5, 2022 – Burgermeister, the hippest burger chain in the capital, and Uber Eats, the platform for food delivery, are further expanding their partnership. The exclusive cooperation between the two brands is a great success and Burgermeister opens further locations in Berlin and expanding throughout Germany and abroad.

Record-breaking first months

Since February 2022, Uber Eats has been exclusively delivering orders from all Burgermeister branches in Berlin. This close cooperation broke all records in the first nine months and even caused the systems to collapse briefly at peak times. On the day with the highest demand, Burgermeister at Kottbusser Tor received an incredible 585 orders. The average delivery time is usually less than 30 minutes. The service is very reliable, only in exceptional cases, such as extremely high demand, do some restaurants have to pause online orders for a short time. In order to be there for the customers, the Burgermeister locations, in cooperation with Uber Eats, even extend their opening hours in the evening.

Burgermeister’s logistics is a high-performance operation. The company relies on buns from its own bakery for its burgers and the patties never come out of the freezer, but are always freshly prepared in their own production facility. The beef comes exclusively from free range animals that feed on Irish grass. The high quality of the burgers and the deliveries is also reflected in the ratings of the customers. All restaurants have 4.7 or more stars in the Uber Eats app.

Burgermeister is expanding in Berlin, throughout Germany and abroad

Due to the great demand, Burgermeister recently opened two more locations in the capital. One on Alexanderplatz and the other on Warschauer Strasse, in Friedrichshain’s popular nightlife district. At the end of the year, Burgermeister will open its largest flagship store in Berlin, which will extend over two floors. The concept of the three new locations was specially developed for deliveries with Uber Eats. For example, there are delivery receipts so that the drivers of the delivery partners can pick up the orders even more easily without disturbing the regular restaurant operations. There will then be a total of ten Burgermeister locations in Berlin.

In the next year, the burger chain will expand to other German cities. Locations are planned in Leipzig, Munich, Hamburg and Cologne, among others. There, too, ordering and delivery will take place in cooperation with Uber Eats. In a next step, Burgermeister would like to open the first branches abroad in 2023, first in Greece and Great Britain, later also in the United Arab Emirates and the USA.

In order to be prepared for growth, the burger chain is building Germany’s largest production facility in Berlin-Tempelhof. The ingredients for the various locations are then prepared in a 3000 square meter kitchen and bakery, so that customers in every city can enjoy the consistently high quality.

“For us it is very important that our customers get their order quickly and reliably and that we have a partner at our side who understands us and our requirements. With Uber Eats we were able to significantly grow our business and improve the satisfaction of our customers in Berlin,” says Cebrail Karabelli, founder of Burgermeister.

“But Berlin is not enough for us,” adds Robert Fügert, COO of Burgermeister. “We want to offer our culinary expertise in other cities soon and also expand to other countries. Uber Eats will be a reliable partner in this.”

“Our successful partnership with Burgermeister shows the potential that Uber Eats can offer as a platform and delivery service for restaurants. With transparent reporting, excellent and reliable service and targeted marketing measures, we contribute to the success of our partners,” says Bas Ouwehand, Head of Restaurants Uber Eats Germany. “We look forward to working closely with Burgermeister in the future and to being part of the success story when the burger shop from Kreuzberg sets off into the big wide world.”

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